In 2017, Vila Autódromo received the project “Céu Aberto” (Open Sky), which was part of the program “O futuro da Memória – Poéticas de Memória e Esquecimento da América do Sul” (The future of memory – poetics of memory and forgetfulness in South America), promoted by the Goethe-Institut.

One of the actions promoted a symbolic reconquest of the territory of Vila Autódromo through the construction of a circular Square in the shape of an amphitheater. The project, signed by the architects Luisa Bogossian, André Daemon, Danilo Filgueiras (Studio Guanabara), Iazana Guizzo and Natália Cidade (collective Terceira Margem), is configured as a new space of social coexistence to make up for the much that was lost with the post-eviction reconfiguration of the community.

More information about the project “Céu Aberto” at:

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